Barbara Barrett

Barbara Barrett is a published author and poet who loves and appreciates words. She was born and raised in Wisconsin. At age 12, her family moved to Southern California. In 1964, after her marriage, she and her husband moved to Northern California.

She attended Foothill Community College in Los Altos Hills, California State University at Chico and Lincoln Law School of San Jose. In 1996, Barbara passed the California State Bar.

She is currently working on her first novel, two novellas and another poetry book.

Her poetry, fiction and articles have appeared on many blogs, websites and in fanzines:


Moon-Maze, a Collection of Poetry and Prose,received an award from Northern California Publishers and Authors (NCPA) 2020

The Wordbook: An Index Guide to the Poetry of Robert E. Howard. Robert E. Foundation Press. 2009. The Wordbook and several of her essays relating to author and poet, Robert E. Howard, have received awards from the Robert E. Howard Foundation.


“R and R.” Destination: The World, Vol 2. An NCPA Anthology 2020 (release date: December 2020)

“The Ride of Falume.” Robert E. Howard Changed My Life (release date: June 2021)

“Quality or Quantity.” Destination: The World, Vol 1. An NCPA Anthology 2020

“The Socratic Method and Other Tortures.” (Feb 2019) Senior Articles,

“The Cemetery at the End of the Road.” (April 2019) Senior Articles,

“Exploring Inner Space.” (December 2018) Senior Articles, (no longer posted)

Black Gate website articles on a variety of subjects. Three of the most popular are:

“Robert E. Howard: The Sword Collector and His Poetry” posted August 9, 2010.

“Robert E. Howard: The Sword Collector’s Sword Collection.” posted July 27, 2012.

“Just Call Me Folklore: A Whimsicality on a Whimsical Character” posted January 3, 2016.

“Robert E. Howard and Past Lives: Reincarnation, Dreams and Race Memories.” REH: Two-Gun Raconteur No. 17, Summer 2014 (magazine)

“Six Degrees to Cross Plains.”  The Cimmerian, Vol. 5, No. 3 (magazine)

Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa) (articles published six times/year)

Pulp Era Amateur Press Society (PEAPS) (articles published four times/year)

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA): presented papers regarding Robert E. Howard at their annual conferences in Kansas City 2010 and Chicago (2014)


“Tomboy Tales: The Christmas Surprise.” All Holidays, An NCPA Anthology First Annual (release date: December 2020)

“Harold’s Search.” More Birds of a Feather, Vol 2. An NCPA Anthology

Moon-Maze (35 poems and 4 short stories)


Moon-Maze (35 poems and 4 short stories)

“The Offspring.” Spectral Realms No. 10 (poetry anthology)

This Too Will Go Its Way,” “Belit’s Refrain” and “The Moon.” Dreams in the Fire (anthology)

“Victory Revisited.” REH: Two-Gun Raconteur No. 16. Winter 2012 (magazine)


Northern California Publishers and Authors (2019-current)

Elk Grove Writers Guild (2019-current)

Elk Grove Writers Group (2018-current)

Robert E Howard Foundation (2008-2016)

REHupa (2008-2016) PEAPS (2014-2016)