Words and Music

The event at  the Chicks in Crisis Campus on Sunday, May 15, 2022 is over, but we’re planning more great events.

A big thank you to the entertainers who helped make this a fun day:

And our own Kathy Marshall has provided a short video of the event:

And we have a few pictures!

And appreciation for the people who worked to make everything run smoothly:

  • Loy Holder, EGWG President – Check-in and author assistance.
  • George Hahn, EGWG Vice President – Check-in and author assistance.
  • Jim Holder, EGWG Member – Parking help and author assistance.
  • Nan Mahon, Chair, City of Elk Grove – musical direction.
  • JoAnn Waldrop – registration.
  • Pat Altenburg – registration.
  • Inez Winslow, Founder & Director, Chicks in Crisis – directing parking and table placement.
  • Phil, Chicks in Crisis Volunteer – assistance in parking and table set up and take down.

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