Bill McDonald

William “Rev. Bill” McDonald JR

An American author of six nonfiction books in English, German, Spanish and other languages. He will continue to have his books translated over the next 18 months to include, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Chinese, and Hebrew. He has an international following with people buying books and following him on YouTube and online. (His YouTube Channel has well over a million views)

Rev. Bill is an international motivational speaker and does workshops and talks through the USA and the world including Germany, Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Vietnam, India etc.

He is an artist, a minister, a Veteran PTSD Consultant, award winning poet, Scuba Instructor, Yoga mediation teacher, Veteran Advocate, actor, and life coach. He is considered somewhat of a book whisperer among authors that has helped worldwide with the creation of their own books. His current health issues along with time management constants because of all the organizations he serves and belongs to he has had to cut back on book consulting work.

He is also a documentary film consultant and has been featured in about a dozen films for TV, movies and YouTube. He has been featured on The History Channel, The Military Channel, PBS TV, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and on several hundred local TV Channels. He has been interviewed over 1800 times on radio, TV, and podcasts. He has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers across the country and some in the UK.

He has written articles for such magazines as The Sunday Parade Magazine. The Self-Realization Fellowship Magazine, and a host of new age print magazines and dozens of newspapers.

He is the founder and former presidents of both The American Author Association (AAA) and the Military Writer’s Society of America (MWSA). His poetry book “Sacred Eye” was selected as the best book of poetry in 2004 by a publisher’s group with a marketing prize of $25,000.

He founded “The Spiritual Warrior Ministries” as an all-faith approach to help veterans, inmates and the homeless. He has chaplains worldwide assisting that effort.

He served in the US Army and had a tour-of-duty in The Vietnam War from October 1966 to October 1967. He was assigned to “The 128th Assault Helicopter Company” and was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, The Purple Heart, 14 awards of the Air Medal and many other medals and ribbons.

He is a resident of Elk Grove, and was born in San Francisco, California. He lived most all his life here in northern California except for brief periods when he was young in Oregon and after he graduated high school in Hawaii, and when he served 3 years in the US Army.

He married his high school sweetheart and has been married over 50 plus years. Raised two children in Elk Grove and has 6 grandchildren. He was the co-founder of Elk Grove’s Fine Art Festival and serves his community in other ways over the 4 and half decades he has lived in Elk Grove. He is on board of directors for 5 non-profit organizations.

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