The Elk Grove Writers Guild was established in 2018 and became a nonprofit in 2019 to provide educational and networking opportunities. In October of 2021 we produced our second semi-annual writers’ conference in Elk Grove, California, and presented classes covering many aspects of writing and marketing. Despite Covid-19, the conference was a success.

The Guild’s plans for 2022 cover a writing contest for adults and students, a series of classes throughout the year with area-wide known speakers, the 3-month annual Summer Academy, speaker luncheons, and open mike event.

Our vision is to encourage the literary arts in Elk Grove and in the surrounding counties. To do that, we need your help.

Your donation will go to the program you choose. Please check which program you’d like to support.

____ Classes on writing                                  ____Summer Academy

____Speaker Joan Gelfand                             ____Words and Music

____3rd Writers’ Conference in 2023             ____General Event Expenses

If your event choice is cancelled because of Covid-19, your donation will be assigned to General Event Expenses. You will receive notice of event cancellations or when the event will take place.

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If you’re writing a check, Please include your address, email, and phone number. Make the check payable Elk Grove Writers Guild and mail it to      EGWG

 c/o 11919 Kirkwood Street

                                                                                     Herald, CA 95638

Thank you for your contribution.

Penelope Clark – Treasurer

Elk Grove Writers Guild

We are a 501(c)(3) Charity

EIN: 84-4108841