Other Resources

Other Resources

Blogs on Writing

Member Mark Paxson recommends this site: writerssupportingwriters.com.

Courses on Writing

The Teaching Company, also known as The Great Courses, sells several courses for writers as well as on subjects in science, history, cooking, and politics that might be useful for research. The courses are expensive, but if you wait a while, the course you want will probably be deeply discounted. If you want to really use this resource, you can supply to an offshoot called Wondrium that, for less than $20 a month, will give you online access to all the Teaching Company courses.

* Indicates a DVD course in our library

Facebook Pages For Writers

Brian Paone, a speaker at our first conference, founded FictionWriting. People who join the group can post information and ask questions.

ElectricBookshelf is used by authors to post announcements about their books.