November 5, 2022 Holiday Seminar Recap

From a friendly and efficient check-in with Linda Bradley and Betsy Swarzentraub and a warm welcome from Loy Holder, to the professional speakers, Elaine Faber, Judith Starkston and Gini Grossenbacher, our beloved guests enjoyed a full afternoon of learning:

Elaine Faber offered some important tips like “don’t state the obvious and trim any unnecessary words, then she moved on to “Writing the Perfect Scene,” to include what the character saw, thought and felt, and  what did the character do.

Judith Starkston talked about writing dialogue, recommending the writer know and listen to the characters, and know their backgrounds and education. She talked about the importance of dialect and provided a gem of a tip – “People don’t always stop doing things when they talk.”

Gini Grossenbacher – talked about “Eye to word Micro description” that does not detour from the plotline, and to remember the importance of research because every world has its own vocabulary. Gini also spoke on the importance of using active verbs and pointed out that linking and helping verbs slow down the action.