Holiday Seminar

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A Holiday Seminar

Presented by the Elk Grove Writers Guild

On November 5th, 2022

From 12:00 – 4:15 PM

8230 Civic Center Dr.,

Suite 140, Elk Grove, CA 95757


Elaine Faber on “Do’s and Don’ts of Writing for Beginning Writers” says:

“Ever read a story where you felt as though you were actually standing in the main character’s shoes, or peeking over their shoulder as the
action occurs? Ever wish you knew the secret of how to create such a feeling in your own writing? Our time together will be an ‘interactive’
exercise where in three steps, you’ll learn how to create this kind of memorable scene. Come with laptop or paper and pencil and let’s

Judith Starkston on “Writing Better Dialog” says:

“Great dialogue speeds a novel along. It builds subtle character development, furthers the action, adds tension to conflicts, layer s in
subtext, and draws the reader in close. How do you make all that happen and avoid the many pitfalls? And how do you fix your dialogue
when it isn’t all you need it to be? In this workshop, you’ll learn to hear your characters as distinct individuals. Surround the “talking heads”
with physical and emotional grounding, place dialogue into deep point of view, and develop some handy but simple editing tools for
improving dialogue once it’s on the page.”

Gini Grossenbacher  on “Descriptive, Dynamic Settings” says:

The Workshop Focus is: “How to Use Micro-Description to Make Your Settings Come Alive. Participants will consider five key ways to create
dynamic scenes for their readers:
• Elements of visualization and sensory detail
• Descriptive action and when to use it
• Powerful sentence structure to support setting
• Ways character and voice can deepen setting
• Style choices that move scenes ahead”

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